Why Your Business Should Consider Cloud-Based Access Control

Access control systems have become standard for commercial security. Now, the added benefits of cloud technology are making access control systems even better!

A cloud-based access control system provides control, visibility, and centralized management without the cost and intricacy of legacy physical access systems. Cloud-based access control systems are a must for companies and organizations looking to improve their security and control. 

Cloud technology has taken access control systems to new heights, leaving the decision-makers at your company with a lot to consider:

  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Automatic updates
  • Heightened security
  • Consolidated security operations
  • Real-time, synchronized data
  • Remote management
  • Flexible pricing
  • Improved collaboration

How Do Cloud-Based Access Control Systems Work?

Legacy access control systems were a breakthrough, enabling keyless entry and consolidated security management for commercial buildings and residential facilities. As with many new technologies, the benefits of these systems were met with some disadvantages, including high investment and IT costs, and limited network flexibility for the number of access points which can be managed.

Cloud-based access control systems turn capital expenses into operational ones. The high costs associated with the purchase of wiring and servers are no longer needed, thus allowing for increased scalability and flexibility. There is no limitation as to the number of doors/users you can add to the system, which is the case with legacy systems. 

Integrations with a cloud-based system are endless, as IP access control can be seamlessly integrated with building management systems, fire alarms, and video surveillance-unlike legacy access control, which requires a physical interface for communication. 

The Advantages of Cloud-Based Access Control Systems

With cloud-based access control systems, there is a myriad of advanced features that will give you better security, improve your user experience, and are far more practical.

1. Scalability

Unlike legacy access control systems, you can monitor and control an endless number of doors/users. Cloud-based systems are software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions and can be modified with ease to fit the security needs of any building or facility. In a few simple steps, you can scale up or down according to the size of your workforce.

2. Reliability

On-site data storage presents a single point of failure and costly maintenance in the long term. Cloud storage has made on-site data storage an unnecessary risk. Companies will not need to worry about backups, data theft, network disconnect, power surges, or physical destruction, and cloud access control hosts failsafe’s in place to guarantee service and data security.

3. Automatic Updates

Software updates and upgrades were an expensive and time-consuming activity. A system hosted with cloud puts an end to unnecessary expenses incurred due to updates and upgrades as the service provider automatically implements as needed, at no extra charge and without disrupting your core business. Your system will run efficiently and at the highest level of security with all the latest security patches. 

4. Heightened Security

Threat actors, former employees, and discontinued service providers are still a major problem, but cloud-based access control gives you the power to block access to any suspicious users, instantly. Cloud services deliver protection and heightened security. Access management services have experts who stay up-to-date as to the latest security threats. The access system remains updated and maintains its effectiveness without needing to hire a security specialist.

5. Consolidates Security Operations

Working in the cloud gives you the ability to manage security, access permissions, video surveillance, and alarms, across multiple buildings and locations. Cloud systems make security operations easy to delegate to other team members, allowing for more efficient workflows without losing control.

6. Instant, Synchronized Data

If you depend on collaboration with any third parties, the need for airtight access control is crucial. In the past, employees and any external contractors or visitors depended on access cards, which caused chaos and gave people access to your facility even after they were no longer affiliated with it. 

With a cloud access management system, all access rights are stored centrally and are easily seen with only a few clicks of your mouse. You control the list of users that should have access to your facility and set time limits of keys, to maintain compliance.

7. Remote Management

With cloud access control you can manage and monitor all security activities and access to your facility from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You’ll be able to have full control and respond to any threats that arise using your mobile device or computer.

8. Flexible Pricing

Cloud access control systems cut hardware costs and let you choose your services and simply pay as you go. The subscription-based model optimizes your cash flow. You’ll also save a lot of money on management, maintenance, and internal resources. This is excellent for companies of varying sizes, as they can now select the services that fits their budget. 

9. Better Collaboration

Your teams can access and manage access rights anytime from anywhere with cloud-based access control. This allows for more efficient workflows without losing control. It has never been easier to delegate access control responsibilities among teammates, or, to take over for someone when they are out of the office. Cloud systems are also easily integrated with the apps and programs you already use, making it easier for your staff to work. 

Secure Access Control for Your Commercial Space

All businesses are different and there is no solution that works across the board. Contact us to find out how we can design and plan the right cloud access control system for your business. Call our office at 212-586-3633 or request a free quote here.

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