Mini Dome Cameras

Compact, discreet and providing the clearest and most detailed images, mini-dome cameras professionally installed by Vertex Security will provide great and aesthetic solution for your building.

Mini dome cameras are compact cameras featuring a dome casing. Whether you need a hawk-eye overview of an area or a close-up of a cash desk, mini-dome cameras are ideal for surveillance in a wide range of locations, including hotels, restaurants, retail stores, schools, healthcare facilities and offices.

Offering best-in-class video quality in 1080p and 4 MP resolution, wide-angle and 360°/270°/180° panoramic views for both indoor and outdoor surveillance, mini-dome cameras can be easily installed and are designed to blend seamlessly with any environment.

Their dome casings, which protect against redirection, defocusing and impact, also disguise which way the cameras are pointing. State-of-the-art network mini dome cameras make use of advanced video analytics through Power over Ethernet.

Available in standard or vandal resistant, Vertex Security offers an extensive range of mini-dome models from the leading security cameras manufactures such Axis, HikVision and more.

Contact our experts to learn more about an ideal mini dome camera solution, taking into account your security needs and unique environment.

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