How Far Does Your Surveillance Video Go Back?

Risky Business: How Far Does Your Surveillance Video Go Back?

Did you know that false lawsuits worth hundreds of millions of dollars are filed every year against New York businesses, forcing owners to settle or pay the entire claim due to the fact that old video data hadn’t been saved?

Unsettling? Yes. And don’t think it can’t happen to you. Accessibility and retrievability of video data have become New York’s hottest topic in liability protection.

Vertex Security presents the industry’s only reliable, cost-effective and long-term video data storage solution, helping more and more New York businesses avoid unwarranted long-term liability concerns.

With abuse of legal rights and fraudulent injury claims against businesses on the rise, we’ll start out with an honest question: what would it mean to you if you could effortlessly pull back video surveillance from 1, 2 or even 3 years ago to combat an arduous lawsuit against you or your business? Our guess- probably quite a lot!

According to the NYS Statute of Limitations, a plaintiff has 3 years in which to bring suit against you for a slip and fall incident from the date of the accident.

Without concrete proof in your favor, the case will come down to one person’s word against yours. In other words- you probably won’t stand a chance in court.

But wait, let’s go back a moment…

We’re all aware of the importance that closed-circuit cameras play in modern society. From protecting you customers and employees, to reducing theft and property damage, to increasing employee dedication and customer service, video surveillance is imperative for your security and peace of mind.

But more importantly- you can’t afford to lose it.

Therefore, video security systems require a reliable storage and backup system that you can rely on. But video storage is quickly becoming one of the most expensive parts of a surveillance implementation. Unfortunately, traditional data storage and backup systems can become extremely costly beyond 30 days, meaning most likely your video is being overwritten each and every month.

Risky business: when video data is not available

In New York, liability claims are hard to fight without proof. Our legal system affords plaintiffs years to file lawsuits. But defendants have just weeks or at best a few months of recorded data to prove their cases. When video data is not available, camera systems are not effective at all.

For example, what would you do in a case of personal injury claim, where decisive video is overwritten by the time the plaintiffs file? Such a shortcoming can end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in unjustified claims and result in lost cases followed by something even worse- a serious blow to your business reputation.

Long Term Video Storage Solution from Vertex Security

From property management to public schools, supermarkets to daycares and factories to hospitals, today, every organization is exposed to a significant risk in falling victim to potentially false or unwarranted allegations, including various forms of personal injury lawsuits.

Simply put, you have no choice but to keep your surveillance video data in a safe place over a long period. Anything else can potentially end up being the most shortsighted business move you ever make.

The good news? A simple, reliable and affordable long term video storing solution is revolutionizing the way New York businesses, institutions and organizations are protecting themselves against unwarranted and sometimes even fraudulent lawsuits- Vault Storage.

What is Vault Storage?

Vault Storage is revolutionizing the surveillance industry in technical stability and oversight of technology. Vault Storage will effectively back-up and store your Surveillance Systems Video Data for long periods of time without ever being overwritten.

Quickly becoming the new standard in video surveillance, Vault Storage offers an additional layer of security and control to your business or organization.

Businesses that acquire proactive Vault Storage will be able to access their video footage with ease when needed as evidence in legal cases, protecting them from long-term liability concerns.
Long Term Vault Storage main benefits:

  • Fight False Liability Claims
  • Slip & Fall Incidents – know if the claims made are false or legitimate. Recordings don’t lie.
  • Fight False Workman’s Comp Claims – Is your employee’s injury your fault or theirs? Have the proof whenever you need it.
  • Keep Your Premiums Low – Just one incident where you get sued can cause your insurance premiums to skyrocket.
  • Never Lose Important Video Recordings – Your recordings will never be overwritten. Retrieve data on demand, safely and securely.

No Need to Replace Existing Hardware

With unlimited cost-effective video data storage at your immediate disposal through our lifetime Virtual Video Vault, you can rest assured that you will always be protected against liability concerns and be able to obtain the proof you need, when you need it most!

We invite you to contact us for more information about Vault Storage, the only innovative and affordable long-term data storage available today.

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