Remote Video Monitoring Service

Achieve superior perimeter and intruder protection and save up to 75% of the cost of on-site security guards by turning each video camera into a virtual security guard with 24/7 remote video monitoring services by Vertex Security.

Offering a cost-effective security solution to on-site guards, unmonitored surveillance cameras and burglar alarms, remote live-video monitoring services help prevent crimes and ensure your property and assets are monitored and protected 24/7.

Advantages of Remote Video Monitoring Services

  • Reduce your overall security and on-site guards costs
  • Oversee multiple areas at once with simultaneous views at any time, day or night
  • Eliminates the threat of intimidation or putting anyone in danger, since the surveillance is done remotely
  • Verified crimes in progress guarantee quicker police response times
  • Records and stores activities 24/7, providing documented video evidence beneficial for prosecution or insurance purposes

Real-Time Video Monitoring and Intervention

Unceasing video surveillance monitoring allows our trained security professionals to intervene when unusual activity that may be considered suspicious is detected. In the event of an actual security breach, a silent alarm will notify a central station. There, the emergency is immediately expertly assessed and evaluated, and a real-time response is carried out. Depending on the severity of the situation, the agent can either issue a voice-down warning, activate an alarm, and/or instantaneously notify on-site security personnel and authorities.

Remote Live-Video Monitoring Services in New York City

Providing complete end-to-end security solutions across a wide range of industries and holding over 15 years of experience, Vertex Security is a trusted name throughout New York City for remote video monitoring services.

From design to integration, we can provide you with an ideal solution backed by unparalleled support at every phase of your project, guaranteed to meet your specific security needs and ensure the best protection of your property and assets.

Need a security solution that can multiply the force of your existing security capabilities and reduce your overall security costs? Contact our experts for more information about our remote video monitoring services.

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