Biometric Fingerprint Readers

Make your employee identification more reliable and user-friendly and improve your physical security with a state-of-the-art biometric fingerprint system installed by Vertex Security.

Need to improve your office or business’ access control system? Keep your premises safe from unauthorized personnel? Maintain more accurate records of employee hours? Better track and control entry of employees and visitors? Installing a biometric entrance fingerprint scanner will allow you to have it all.

From offices to construction sites, if employing ten employees or when managing a large workforce, biometric recognition technology has become widely used in modern security applications, while fingerprint recognition is considered the most commonly used biometric technology for physical access control.

We invite you to contact our experts today for more information about biometric fingerprint readers for your office or business.

Biometric Fingerprint Readers: Main Advantages

  • Robustly control entry or restrict unauthorized access to sensitive areas
  • Biometric fingerprint readers are an efficient way to eliminate loss, theft, duplication or sharing keycard and passwords with unauthorized entities
  • Unlike keys, smart cards, or PIN number sequences, biometric identification identity authentication is based solely on the user’s physical attributes and cannot be forged
  • For companies that have temporary workers, creating identification cards is time-consuming, costly and inconvenient.
  • Increase employee productivity, enhance accountability and track excessive overtime
  • Integrates with existing access control and video surveillance systems
  • A fingerprint reader can support the most types of RFID card standards
  • Easy to manage and administer on an individual user basis
  • Easy to install and use

Biometric Fingerprint Reader Installation in NYC

Providing complete end-to-end solutions and holding over 15 years of  experience, Vertex Security is a trusted name across New York City for planning, design and  installation of today’s best in class biometric fingerprint readers for offices, commercial buildings, industrial facilities and construction sites. We servicing fingerprint readers of the manufactures Suprema and ZK Access.

Whatever the extent of your security needs, we will work closely with your team and design a system offering the most effective measures to protect your facility, staff and assets.

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