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How We Work at Vertex

How we work

Schedule a Consultation

Fill out the form on our website and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your security needs in preparation of an on-site visit.

Site Walkthrough

One of our security experts will visit the premises and make a detailed assessment of your potential risks while making recommendations for your new security system.

Finalized System Plan

After discussing the details of your new system, we will provide you with a quote and the necessary documentation outlining the details of the installation.

System Installation

On the agreed-upon date, one of our skilled technicians will arrive on-site with all of the components of your security system and install them as previously agreed upon.

Training Session & Support

After the system has been installed and checked for proper functioning, your assigned technician will answer any additional questions you may have about the functioning of your new security system.

Assessment & Consultation

A Security Assessment is an ideal way to evaluate your existing security operations and the first step towards planning and designing enhanced security measures at your facility.

Vertex’s Security Assessment process begins by understanding the customer’s immediate security needs, future challenges and identifying potential points of vulnerability at your building or business.

Design & Planning

Serving a wide range of businesses and residential buildings throughout New York City, Vertex Security provides full-system security design and planning services for system upgrades and new installation security projects.

After gaining a thorough understanding of our customer’s security needs, our design team will follow the initial security assessment to efficiently design a security system offering the highest degree of stability, modularity and scalability.


Whether upgrading an existing security system or installing an entirely new system, a successful installation process means a lot more than simply running wires and cables.

Our highly-skilled installation team works regularly with a diverse range of well-known property management and construction companies, businesses and residential buildings throughout New York City. When working with Vertex Security, our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing that our installation team consists of fully licensed and certified technicians, backed by extensive experience.

Training Session & Support

At the end of the day, even the best security systems are only as effective as the people who operate them.

For this reason, once your security system is fully installed, our security professionals will continue to work with you to maximize your security readiness and to ensure that you utilize the full capabilities of your security system – right up to the moment you and your staff are completely comfortable using it.

We also offer security service contracts to those clients who would like to hire Vertex as their security partner and receive regular maintenance visits and priority response times in the event of an emergency or system malfunction.


Reduce downtime and avoid unexpected repair costs with Vertex Security’s tailored preventative and corrective maintenance plans.

In order to keep your security system’s performance and longevity working to the highest standards, routine maintenance is required.

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