Design & Planning

Serving a wide range of businesses and residential buildings throughout New York City, Vertex Security provides full-system security design and planning services for system upgrades and new installation security projects.

After gaining a thorough understanding of our customer’s security needs, our design team will follow the initial security assessment to efficiently design a security system offering the highest degree of stability, modularity and scalability.

Our multi-disciplinary design and planning services include:

  • Developing the system architectural concept
  • Specifying system components including hardware, software and integration requirements
  • Detailed descriptions of installation, wiring, software, configuration, testing, support, migration planning and maintenance
  • Finalizing performance criteria, drawings and specifications
  • Defining functional specifications from which systems will be procured and implemented
  • Providing technical consultation

From concept to realization

As the design develops from concept to realization, our security experts work in close partnership with customers, architects and engineers to integrate the most robust, technologically advanced and cost-effective security components and solutions to secure your facility and protect your assets.

Our comprehensive security solutions include:

  • Entry & Exit Control Point Strategy
  • Access Control and Identity Management Systems
  • Audio/Video Intercom Systems
  • Video Surveillance & Security Camera Systems
  • Emergency Call Stations
  • Personnel & Vehicle Scanning Systems
  • Video Analytics & Behavioral Monitoring
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems
  • Long-Term Video Storage
  • Infrastructure Network, Data Cabling and Wiring

Contact us for more information about how Vertex Security can assist you in planning, designing, and implementing a security system meeting your specific needs.

Security Systems Planning and Design

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