Face Recognition Systems

From tracking and controlling the employees and visitors entering your premises, to restricting unauthorized access to specific areas at your business, face recognition systems have become a popular option for better securing access-controlled environments.

The biggest problem with card-based or password-based security systems is the ease in which they can be given to unidentified or unauthorized entities. As technologies evolve, so has the quest for improved security and control, resulting in a growing demand for more advanced and intelligent biometric based security systems.

Easy to deploy and implement, face recognition systems have become today’s most intriguing form of biometric technologies and are considered one of the most widely used and efficient security measures applied across the globe.

Face Recognition System Installation

Interested in implementing face recognition in your business? Contact our experts today for more information about designing and installing a face recognition system to best suite your business needs.

A Welcome Addition to Your Access Control System

Facial recognition can improve access control systems in one of two ways:

  • By ensuring a frictionless, fully automated process through removing the need for entering with passwords, key fobs or cards.
  • By enhancing security through introducing a second layer of authentication (two-factor authentication, or 2FA), which is used in addition to methods such as passwords, key fobs or cards.

Additional Benefits of Face Recognition

  • Face recognition can help speed up access control in busy areas, since it is the fastest biometric authentication method available.
  • Unlike fingerprint scanning for example, no physical contact is required (making it quicker and more hygienic), nor users need to remove items such as gloves before interacting with the scanner.
  • Face recognition software can also recognize faces from a wide range of angles, adding to user convenience. It is also not easily affected by variations in facial expressions, facial hair, and accessories that might occlude the face, such as hats and glasses.
  • Face recognition allows us to set up a blacklist of individuals who are regarded as a threat, and to set up alarms or notifications that are triggered when a blacklisted individual appears in front of the camera at the point of access.

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