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As a business owner, you know one of your key priorities is protecting your assets, employees and customers. Whatever your company, you are always looking to maximize your security.

Access control systems are an advanced yet simple technology that can greatly enhance your business’ security and accessibility.

Advantages Of Access Control

  • Improves the security of your business, and reduces the chance of unauthorized access.
  • Allows for perfect control over who gains entry and exits your building, allowing you to monitor and record access.
  • Allows you to restrict access at different levels to control the flow of employees and to protect valuable areas.
  • Lost or stolen key cards or fobs can be instantly replaced, without the need to change locks. Security compromises can be easily overcome by changing the password or entry data.
  • Access control easily integrates with existing security systems.

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Access control is a security technique that allows you to restrict and grant permission for access to your building, and to certain rooms or areas. This allows you to control entry and exit, and you can even have different levels of entry. All employees and customers may to gain entrance to the building, but only certain employees may have the code or fob for entry to a certain room that contains sensitive information or assets.

Locking systems on doors, gates, or turnstiles prevent entry to the area, unless credentials are used to gain authorization. Authorization can be gained in several ways, depending on the access control solution:

  • Entry of password or PIN code
  • Swipe of access card or fob
  • Use of biometric data such as fingerprints or iris scan

What Type Of Access Control Is Best For Your Business?

The access control you will find most useful depends on your business and level of security you desire. To give employees general entry to offices might only require fob cards, but highly restricted areas may be kept more secure with password or biometric authorization.

If you are interested in access control solutions for your NYC business, our security experts can assess your needs and offer custom services to improve the security of your business.

Vertex Security offers full access control services for commercial customers in New York. We can install solutions that will enhance security and accessibility. It all begins with an initial consultation so we can understand your security needs.

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