Elevator Security Systems

Vertex Security specializes in the design and installation of elevator access control and security camera systems for commercial buildings and residential properties.

With our elevator security solutions, you increase the safety of employees and residents, preventing illegal activity and unauthorized entry to restricted areas whilst granting easy access to those who need it.

Elevator Security Solutions

Every customer has different needs, so we offer a fully personalized range of security solutions to improve the security of your building, including:

  • Card reader for elevator access
  • Security camera systems for elevator surveillance
  • Biometric readers to restrict call button access
  • Fire recall buttons
  • Emergency phones to contact emergency personnel
  • Full elevator access control via App

The elevator security system you need depends on your needs and the type of building. An apartment building may require a simple card reader access control system for residents, while a commercial building with sensitive businesses may require restrictions to certain floors and CCTV to ensure further protection.

How Do Elevator Security Systems Work?

Our elevator access control systems can be simple or complex. Residents or employees are given access cards that correspond to the system’s card readers to allow them access to the right areas.

Access to certain floors at certain times can be restricted and various levels of access card can grant or deny access, making the entire system flexible and secure. People without cards, or without the status of entry, cannot gain access to restricted areas via the elevators.

Additional features can be integrated to enhance the security of elevator access control systems, such as elevator security camera systems, biometrics, emergency phones and more. The entire system can be controlled via an APP central panel.

Security Consultation

Vertex Security are experts in the design and installation of elevator security systems. Contact us to learn more about elevator security solutions. Our security experts will explain your options, and show you examples of similar installations that can help you understand the results.

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