Mobile Access Control

Extending access control functionality to a mobile device allows today’s end-users to securely and conveniently access the workplace using their smartphone or wearable devices as their credential.

The convenience that mobile connectivity offers has changed the way we live. Compared to yesterday’s costly printed identity credentials, devised to allow or revoke access within the premises, today’s innovative use of mobile devices as digital access keys is quickly becoming the new standard in access control solutions.

Whether small, medium or enterprise sized, Vertex Security specializes in implementing end-to-end mobile access control solutions for businesses throughout New York City.


  • Increases operational convenience and efficiency
  • A cost-effective and simpler way for companies to manage identification credentials
  • Easy integration with third-party software
  • Mobile access control can be used as either compliment to and replacement for traditional physical cards and keys
  • Access rights can be easily managed by an administrator at any time


Signaling a revolutionary leap in security management, mobile access control provides superior identity management and delivers the most dynamic access control solution available today.

Secure encryption authenticates the identity of the smartphone and its user allowing mobile access control solutions to deliver the highest levels of security and privacy protection.

Additionally, mobile access control solutions ensure flexibility and interoperability to match your present and future business requirements and systems.


As one of New York’s leading security companies, Vertex Security’s experts will help you choose and define the mobile access solution that is right for your business.

Contact us for a consultation and experience our next generation mobile access control solutions, guaranteed to meet both your need for mobility and desire for convenience in today’s mobile-first world.

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