Optical Turnstiles

Enjoy a superior combination of security, safety and aesthetics in your building’s entrance and lobby with a wide range of optical turnstiles installed by Vertex Security.

State-Of-Art Technology Meets Cutting-Edge Design

Combining state-of-art optical technology with sleek, quiet moving barriers, optical turnstiles are ideal where both speed of entry and aesthetics are important, such as in office buildings, corporate lobbies, data centers, government facilities and more.

To manage the movement of people in lobbies and building interiors with varying degrees of security clearance, office and commercial buildings implement optical turnstiles coupled with an access control or visitor management system. Optical turnstiles effectively detect tailgating with minimal inconvenience to users and without forming an obtrusive barrier.

Optical Turnstiles Installation in New York City

Providing complete end-to-end security solutions and holding over 15 years of experience, Vertex Security is a trusted name across New York City for optical turnstile gate installations.

We can provide unparalleled support at every phase of your project: from design, consultation and specifications to retrofit, replacement, installation and maintenance for today’s industry-leading optical turnstile solutions.

Our security experts can help you choose an optical security turnstile from a wide range of options which include drop arm, swing arm, swing glass, flap barrier, and retractable glass. All models are highly configurable in finish, shape and features, allowing us to provide ideal solutions across different security levels, for diverse security demands.

Access Control Integration

Optical turnstiles integrate with access control and visitor management systems,  allowing you to monitor, count, and maintain reliable access control on top of an efficient traffic flow.

Interested in installing an optical turnstile in the lobby of your building? Contact our experts for more information.

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