Waist High Tripod Turnstiles

Effectively Manage employee and visitor access control in high traffic applications with a wide range of waist high tripod turnstiles installed by Vertex Security.

Waist high turnstiles, also known as tripod turnstiles, are commonly used in lobbies in office and commercial buildings, gyms, hospitals, colleges, warehouses and other settings. In these applications the lobby or entrance is often manned by a security guard or receptionist, who is able to monitor the flow of people passing through the lobby. For these applications, waist height tripod turnstile is very well suited.

These turnstiles generally consist of a tripod barrier arm installed at waist height that rotates to allow entry. They can lock on entry or exit, and can even spin freely. Sturdy construction and mechanics allow waist high turnstiles to last for decades, even under extreme use.

Waist High Turnstiles Installation in New York City

Providing complete end-to-end security solutions and holding over 15 years of experience, Vertex Security is a trusted name across New York City for turnstile systems, including various types of waist high tripod turnstiles.

We can provide unparalleled support at every phase of your project: from design, consultation and specifications to retrofit, replacement, installation and maintenance for today’s top of the line waist high turnstiles.

Our security experts can help you choose a waist high security turnstile from a wide range of options. From interior applications to stainless-steel for outdoor installation, all models are highly configurable in finish, shape and features, allowing us to provide you with an ideal solution according your security needs.

Access Control Integration

Waist high turnstiles can easily integrate with access control and visitor management systems. This allows waist high turnstiles to be used to monitor, count, and maintain reliable access control, ensuring a more efficient passage of individuals through your lobby.

Another important advantage is that during emergencies, designs with collapsible bars in both directions create an escape route.

Need a simple but robust entrance solution for your lobby? Contact our experts for more information about waist high turnstiles.

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