Visitor Management

An electronic visitor management system accurately tracks and checks everyone who enters your property.

Vertex Security install visitor management systems for commercial buildings, offices, schools, hospitals, community centers and government facilities throughout New York City. Our security experts will design and implement a custom solution that meets your needs, and integrates fluently with existing access control, security cameras and external databases.

Visitor Management Systems digitally track the identity and activity of visitors in your building, leading to a more secure and controllable environment. The main features of the visitor management software are:

  • Pre-register guests’ details for easy sign-in, or allow guests to self-sign in using a kiosk.
  • Print visitor’s badges complete with a bar code, along with NDAs and visitor instructions if needed.
  • Capture visitor information quickly and easily using existing forms of ID. You can also capture signatures and fingerprints if required.
  • Screen visitors against criminal watch lists to enhance security and confirm identity.
  • Receive notifications when visitors arrive via text, email or phone.
  • Integrate with existing access control, security camera system and external databases.

Visitor Management System – Solutions

Vertex Security’s experts will help to find and design the right visitor management system for your facility, in order to increase your security and compliance with regulations, protect your data, and improve visitors’ experiences.

Business Visitor Management

Businesses require tracking of customers, deliveries, consultants, contractors, and guests. A visitor management solution from Vertex can increase the productivity of your company, reducing interruptions and automating processes. Visitors are easily identified and background checked, and information is kept safe and private, enhancing overall security and brand image.

School Visitor Management

Schools require stringent security practices to maintain the safety and well-being of students and staff. Visitor management solutions for schools focus on close monitoring of guests. With a visitor management systems you can easily register new visitors, print ID cards, and protect the school with an additional layer of security.

Parks, Stadiums and High Traffic Facilities

Visitor management system is an essential component in designing and planing a security system for parks, stadiums and other facilities with high visitor traffic. Vertex Security can install a visitor management system to track all visitors on the site at any moment, prevent card fraud by advanced technology, and other security options are available and tailored to customer needs.

Government Visitor Management

Government facilities often contain sensitive areas and information. They require a top level of security to prevent unwanted access. Vertex Security can install a visitor management system to monitor all entry points, register visitors, print ID cards, and capture biometric data and signatures for NDAs. In the event of an emergency, your visitor management system can even assist with evacuation reporting.

Hospital Visitor Management

A hospital visitor management system can greatly enhance the productivity of the patient and guest sign-in process, allowing for self-registration at a kiosk. This eliminates waiting times, and allows for smoother operations and a better user experience. The system can print forms for patients and take signatures for agreements, as well as updating important file information. We can install hospital visitor management solutions that will benefit both staff and patients.

Contact Vertex Security today to arrange an on-site consultation for visitor management solutions that will enhance your security and streamline your processes.

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