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Flexibility, simplicity and elegance are becoming key factors for an enjoyable door communication experience. With a wide range of well-designed products, ABB-Welcome has the answer to all your needs in any context, both for new buildings and renovation.

Customers’ requirements vary from the basic to the complex. With twelve functional modules, ABB-Welcome provides the answer to all these needs. This modularity delivers the optimum door communication solution for all types of new construction and retrofitted applications. Ideal for upgrades to older analog systems, various functional modules make it possible for the system to be tailored to fit all needs.

ABB Intercom System Installation

Holding over 15 years of experience in complete security solutions, Vertex Security is an ABB installer and provider of repair and maintenance services for door entry systems: ABB-Welcome and ABB-Welcome IP.

Interested in installing a ABB Welcome® door entry system? Whether residential, commercial, office, industrial or mixed-use property, an advanced intercom system by ABB can help you enhance safety and convenience at your building or business while enjoying remarkable functionality.

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