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Considered one of the most reliable and respected security system brands in the world, Aiphone Systems offers a variety of security devices that effectively protect your New York City building, home or business.

Aiphone has over 25 systems in its catalogue of security units that include answering units for front and back doors, video access security systems and sophisticated intercom systems. In addition, Aiphone produces special order units to accommodate any kind of security situation that needs to be addressed in businesses, homes or apartment buildings.


Holding over 15 years of experience in complete security solutions, Vertex Security is a professional and experienced intercom company in New York City and a proud provider of installation, repair and maintenance services for Aiphone audio/video intercom systems.

Specializing in communication and security systems for commercial and business locations, Alphone is the leader in its class in technical excellence, reliability, and simplicity of design. Signature products include door-release intercoms, sophisticated video-entry security systems, and complex microprocessor systems.

Utilizing the best and latest technology in communication and securities systems, Alphone is a top choice from companies designing a new security system or enhancing an existing system. With a variety of products and design options, Alphone has solutions to the needs of a wide-ranging customer base:

  • The Alphone main entry video entrance system uses crisp audio and clear high-quality video imaging to give employees the clarity and ease of confirming visitors’ and vendors’ access before granting entry to the premises. The system also features remote unlocking, so employees are able to grant access without actually leaving their workspace.
  • Alphone’s secondary entrance systems allow for secure spaces within a building, while still leaving access to main entrances and corridors open.
  • Alphone intercoms allow for instant communication with employees at any part of the building, and are perfect for paging individuals and making emergency announcements. For multi-building companies, Alphone’s IP intercom offers connectivity across buildings, allowing for emergency bulletins to be dispatched immediately to all.
  • Alphone’s parking garage monitoring systems allow for restricted access to parking facilities and also allow visitors to speak with an attendant using video intercoms at gate entrances. In case of an emergency, Alphone’s parking garage monitoring systems also allow for connected security access to stairwells, elevators, and other remote locations via a security control center or concierge station.
  • Service area security systems use video technology to allow for employees to identify visitors requesting access to loading docks, shipping bays, and delivery areas. Remote access to the system protects employees from face-to-face confrontations with unwanted visitors.

Alphone is a trusted leader in security and communications, and has a wide range of options within each of their systems to fit specific customer needs. Whether your company requires restricted main entrance access, secure portions of the work building, connectivity across a campus, or service area restriction, Alphone is the top choice for integrated security systems.

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