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Brivo Is A Global Leader In The Provision Of Cloud-Based Access Control Systems And Video Management For Businesses. Brivo Has Created An Innovative Web-Based Access Control System Trusted By Large Organizations And Small Businesses, Including Healthcare And Pharmaceutical, Education, Government, Property Management And Retail.

Brivo security system makes it possible to reduce cost on computer hardware purchases and it reduces organization operating expenses. Above all, the security system is easy to use for business owners.

If you’re looking for a security installation company to help you to install Brivo security system in New York City, Vertex Security is your best choice. We’ll deploy our expertise to secure your building and facilities with Brivo security systems. If you’re not sure which security system to choose, our advice will make your choice easy.

Integrated Cloud-based Access Control and Video Surveilance

Vertex Security offers access control and video surveillance in one turn-key platform, for simple facility security management with Brivo OnAir. The Brivo system delivers an easy to use and cost effective way to secure and monitor your business, big or small, with multiple locations.

Simple, Secure and Scalable:
Brivo Cloud-based access control & Video surveillance

Brivo is a worldwide leader of cloud-based access control and video surveillance systems. Vertex Security is proud to be a Certified Brivo Integrator in New York. We invite you to experience the highest level of security systems in the most user-friendly environment.

  • Manage access events and video in one platform – Protect your facilities by utilizing our scalable cloud-based infrastructure. Seamlessly associate live and recorded video with access events within one simple to use platform.
  • Manage building security from your smartphone – Manage building security with door control, the ability to suspend or reinstate user credentials, and view live and recorded video, all in the palm of your hand. Provide users with an easy and convenient way to access secured doors with a smartphone.

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