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Safeguard your physical and digital environments, prevent breaches and achieve compliance with updated policies and guidelines with HID Global’s diverse line of identity and access management products and solutions.

HID Global develops access control and secure identity management solutions such as smart cards, readers, printers, RFID tags and software and mobile access control solutions, providing the highest level of security for facilities, assets, networks and resources.

Adding speed, accuracy, efficiency and security to an ever-expanding range of applications, HID Global is a trusted source for secure identity solutions for millions of end-users around the world making it possible for people to transact safely, work productively, learn confidently and travel freely.

HID Global’s products and services are used by commercial buildings, businesses of all sizes, governments, universities, hospitals, financial institutions and more – helping them to create trusted physical and digital environments.

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Holding over 15 years of experience in complete security solutions, Vertex Security is a professional and experienced HID access control systems integrator in New York City and a provider of installation, repair and maintenance for HID Global’s complete product range including secure multi-factor authentication software & appliances, door, parking & gate access control, biometric readers & sensors, RFID tags, card & ID badge printers and IP-enabled Networked Access Solutions.

As one of the leading security companies in New York, we protect and service over 20,000 customers of all sizes, including residential properties, property management and construction companies, office buildings, hotels, schools, retail stores and small businesses, in addition to governmental, hospitality, healthcare, educational and religious institutions.

From identifying and protecting assets, to tracking objects and activity, to improving operational efficiencies, our experts can offer a secure, convenient and reliable identity and access management solution by HID Global that will fully meet your organization’s security needs and environment.

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