Keyscan Access Control

Keyscan which has more than 2 decades of experience in the field of development and manufacture of access control software has come up as one of the premier brands of access control systems of today’s market.

Keyscan access control system enables you to manage access control across your facilities. It is innovative security software that reduces security burdens for business owners and organizations. When you install a Keyscan system, you will derive many benefits from it.

KeyScan Access Control Systems are in use around the globe. Major government organizations that have installed KeyScan systems include embassies, hospitals, energy facilities and even military installations. In the corporate world you’ll find KeyScan systems installed in banks, multinationals organizations and major retail establishments. Non-profit organizations such as schools and churches are also among KeyScan’s customers.

Benefits of Using Keyscan Access Control System

  • Securing Facilities: A Keyscan access control system can help you to control your facilities effectively and secure your business environment. It works throughout the day. This security system is designed to control and monitor all entry points in your facility. These include: elevator floors, doors, parking gates or garage doors. This system puts you in control and helps you to regulate access at every entry point.
  • Flexibility in Control: If you are not around your facility, a Keyscan system provides you opportunity to remotely connect to the access control system over the Internet with the aids of WEB Customer applications. It provides you with the flexibility to easily manage the security of your facility.
  • Tracking: A keyscan can help you to manage and track every visitor within your facilities. It can create maps with active icons to annunciate system status, call up video, control doors, show employee photos as they pass through protected doors, and provide other information you will need in case of an emergency. Keyscan will enable you to run a myriad of custom reports whenever you want to know who entered into an area and when.

Installation of Keyscan Access Control Systems

If you are looking for a security installation company to help you install a Keyscan access control system in New York City, Vertex Security is your best choice. We will deploy our expertise to secure your building and facilities with Keyscan security systems.

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