COVID-19 Solutions

Helping the NYC get back to work!

Mitigate The Coronavirus Impact On Your Business Operations And Take Preventive Measures To Ensure Health And Safety For Your Employees And Your Customers With A Wide-Range Of Safety And Security Solutions By Vertex Security.

Covid-19 is impacting every aspect of our lives and will reshape the way you operate your business. Limiting physical contact with hard surfaces, rethinking the flow of customers or employees, and upgrading to smarter access control technologies, are sure to be fundamental considerations as we enter a post-coronavirus world.

Holding over 16 years of experience in end-to-end security solutions, Vertex Security is a trusted name throughout New York City for custom installation and maintenance of security systems including advanced hands-free access systems.

From office buildings, shops and shopping centers, hospitals, schools, factories and more, we can meet both the health and security demands of any business or facility, allowing you to manage points of entry with the latest access technologies, maintain efficient operations and to adhere to safety regulations and guidelines required to minimize the risk of viral exposure.

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