Benefit from full access management, real-time monitoring and reduced liability with Vertex Security’s wide range of security systems and solutions for gyms, health clubs & fitness centers.

With their constant flow of traffic, gyms, health clubs and fitness centers are often an ideal target for injuries, theft and even occasional violence. If you own or manage a fitness center, a professionally installed security system will not only provide effective crime deterrence and liability protection, but also help leave a good impression on your potential members and win the trust of your regulars, assuring them that their visit to your business is safe and secure.

Vertex Security specializes in a wide range of best-in-class security solutions for fitness centers, custom-tailored to meet any required level of security. As a leading certified New York City security company, Vertex Security has over 15 years of experience in installing and servicing the latest access control management and security camera systems for gyms, health clubs & fitness centers across all five boroughs (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island).

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Security Systems for Gyms, Health Clubs and Fitness Centers

HD Security Cameras with Remote 24/7 Access

Complete gym security starts with security cameras. By installing high resolution security cameras, detailed identification images of members faces are captured as they enter while state-of-the-art panoramic cameras will help track movements of everyone inside your facility with 360-degree views, providing you concrete criminal or legal evidence you can resort to when necessary.

Additionally, more and more fitness facilities are turning to surveillance cameras for after-hours security. If you are running a 24-hour gym or health club, it is basically impractical for you to stay around at all times. Our state-of-the-art line of network IP security cameras offer full mobile connectivity and access via a dedicated app, making it possible for you to keep remote tabs on your business at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems provide a convenient and cost-effective way to keep track of members and employees coming and going while enabling you to see what door was accessed at any given time. Highly beneficial for fitness facilities seeking to increase their competitive offering through 24-hour opening, access control systems ensure that no one other than authorized staff and members can enter the building or specific areas, thus preventing unwanted visitors at critical hours.

Common staff and member door entry systems for gyms, health clubs & fitness centers include:

  • Key fobs and access cards systems
  • Keypad readers with typed passcodes
  • Mobile phones with access control app
  • Electronic locks
  • Integrated turnstile and barrier systems

From protecting your valuable equipment to controlling traffic to reduced security and liability concerns – contact us to discover how you can save time, money and worries with a professionally installed security system.


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