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Gain an ongoing overview of your office space, benefit from the advantages of fully controlled access management and increase employee productivity and diligence with Vertex Security’s office security solutions.

As a business owner or office manager, nothing should be more important than providing your employees and customers with a safe environment while possessing the ability to remotely monitor and control your business operations at any given moment.

Creating a solid office security plan encompassing a clear behavior guideline backed by a professionally installed security system can help you achieve these goals during both work-hours and after-hours while also lessening the likelihood of employee theft, burglary or similar incidents.

Vertex Security specializes in a wide range of best-in-class security solutions custom-tailored to meet any required level of office security. As a leading certified New York City security company, Vertex Security has over 15 years of experience in planning, designing, installing and servicing office security systems for office spaces of all sizes and industries across all five boroughs (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island).

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Access Control Systems for Offices

A comprehensive and robust access control system keeps your staff and company assets out of reach from unauthorized guests, including disgruntled coworkers and customers and allows you to know who’s present in your office in event of theft or emergency.

Our latest door entry systems include a wide array of solutions which include access cards or key fobs, keypads, biometric methods and more. Moreover, our web-based access control solutions will allow you to remotely manage and control doors, record entries, exits and more from your smartphone, tablet or computer, receive instant alerts and instantly verify alarm events.

Video Surveillance

It’s a proven fact that office security cameras increase productivity, as employees who know they are being watched tend to work more diligently and on top of that are less tempted to steal or engage in illicit activities.

Our wide range of security camera and surveillance systems, backed by long-term data storage solutions, will allow you to record, store and view HD-quality video footage of all corners of your office space, anytime, anywhere with remote access via any mobile device, enabling you to attain visual documentation and also keep your liability protection intact.

Burglar Alarm Systems for Offices

From stand-alone door and window contacts, glass break detectors and motion detection sensors for small offices to fully integrated burglar alarm, security camera and access control systems for large office spaces, an alarm system will make potential criminals think twice before they act. Simple to install yet highly practical, office burglar alarm systems are a great enhancement of the other components of office security and one of the most effective ways to protect your business by deterring intruders and thieves from entering.

Office Intercom Systems

Our wide range of office intercom systems will help you screen your visitors, monitor traffic and safeguard your office and employees. Our systems feature the latest technologies: video intercom systems, intercom system with remote control, wireless or wired intercom, intercom with App and more.

Additionally, integrating intercom and access control systems will allow you to hear the doorbell ring, check who is there and unlock the door – all done remotely.

Electronic Locks

An ideal and cost-effective security solution, electronic locks allow you to replace keys and add additional automation features, like remote locking or unlocking directly from your smartphone.


Interested in upgrading your office security policies and procedures? Our security experts can help you plan, design, install and maintain the most suitable and cost-effective office security solution guaranteed to meet your businesses’ specific needs and requirements.

Contact us to learn more about a flexible and fully scalable office security solution assuring you and your employees a safer, more efficient and fully controlled working environment.

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