Parking Lot Security

Responsible for a parking garage or parking lot in New York City? Create a safe environment and improve your facility’s security with Vertex Security’s best-in-class security and video surveillance systems.

According to Bureau of Justice Statistics, more than 1 in 10 property crimes occurred in parking lots or garages. Moreover, statistics show that crime rates in parking garages and parking lots have dropped by 51% with the installation of security and video surveillance systems, due to their substantial benefits in keeping both people and property safe in a parking environment:

  • Deter and decrease assault, theft, break-ins and vandalism
  • Improve public safety and security for guests and their belongings
  • Monitor the activities of employees and valets
  • Obtain recorded evidence in case of a crime to help aid law enforcement
  • Reduce liabilities and avoid costly claims and suits by recording footage of accidents at your facility

Vertex Security is fully committed to helping you monitor and safeguard your parking facility with a wide range of state-of-the-art weather and vandal proof security and surveillance camera system, license plate recognition and more.

As a leading certified New York City security company, we have over 15 years of experience in installing and servicing security and CCTV systems for residential and commercial parking facilities of all sizes.

Implementing reliable security measures and surveillance systems within the confines of a parking facility greatly enhances security and safety. Contact us today to hear more about the latest technologies and advancements in parking garage and parking lot security systems and solutions.

Network IP Security Camera Systems with Night Vision Technology

Quality security cameras that can successfully record even in poor light settings without losing resolution offer a major advantage for an effective surveillance system. Boasting significant benefits and functionalities over traditional analog cameras, IP network cameras will allow the most precise, detailed and comprehensive video coverage of your garage, including the most vulnerable access points and crime-prone areas. Day or night, from documenting overt crimes to capturing the smallest of details (i.e. detailed facial recognition or sharply recording license plate numbers of cars leaving the lot), IP network cameras are the security solution of the future.

Additionally, IP network cameras present almost limitless capabilities when accessing both live or recorded video feeds, enabling to remotely monitor activity on any premises 24/7 via any connected work station, from PCs to smartphones and tablets anywhere in the world.

Emergency Stations

Parking lots and structures can cause unease because the locations are typically isolated. Therefore, whether it’s spotting a suspicious individual, reporting a crime or requesting non-emergency services like a malfunctioning parking gate, when garage guests feel distressed or threatened, they want help right away. And while it’s not uncommon for mobile phone services to fail behind thick concrete walls, both above or below ground, emergency towers and call box emergency communication stations in parking structures provide quick access with a direct line to help while also displaying your solid commitment to public safety. Featuring bright blue lights making them easy to locate, emergency stations allow guests and customers to instantly contact security professionals at the touch of a button while built-in video cameras provide security officers additional information to help evaluate the situation.

Additionally, emergency stations can broadcast announcements providing guests with information during emergency situations. Moreover, for guests with a dead battery or flat tire, the stations are an ideal solution to contact staff for help.


From your entranceways to exits to gates, stairwells, main doors, emergency call boxes and more, whether installing a new security system or upgrading an existing system, our team will work closely with you to plan, design and install a custom-tailored security camera system offering around-the-clock protection, full control and 24/7 monitoring.

Force potential perpetrators to think twice about committing a criminal act in your parking facility by installing a latest security surveillance camera system.

Contact us today for an initial consultation and assessment.

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