Pharmacy & Drugstore Security

Safeguard your business and minimize inventory shrinkage with Vertex Security’s best-in-class security systems and solutions for your pharmacy or drugstore.

As a business owner your main objective is to maximize profit. But the pharmacy and drugstore industry loses billions of dollars annually to employee theft, burglary and shoplifting due to the fact that many are not equipped with robust security systems.

According to industry experts, more than one-third of the prescription drugs stolen from pharmacies are taken by employees, while pharmacy professionals who are caught for theft represent only a fraction of those who actually steal.


Vertex Security has over 15 years of experience in upgrading, designing, installing and servicing the latest security systems for pharmacies and drugstores of all sizes throughout New York City.

From your storefront to counter to dispensing areas and backroom storage facilities, our security experts will work closely with you to plan, design and install a custom-tailored security system offering around-the-clock protection, full control and 24/7 monitoring.

Keep your valuable pharmaceuticals and company assets secure. Contact us for more information about how we can help thwart crimes and violence within your business and document illegal activities with our wide range of security systems for pharmacies and drugstores.

As a leading certified security company, we’re committed to helping you monitor restricted medication and protect your business, employees and customers with a variety of state-of-the-art security systems including:

High Security Locks with Access Control

Ideal for securing high value assets and providing perimeter security, high security locks are locks that provide increased resistance to compromise and forced entry for a given amount of time, making defeat too expensive or time consuming to be feasible. Full integration with the latest access control solutions will allow you the perfect combination of security and convenience by granting privileged access to sensitive areas of your pharmacy or drugstore.

Network IP Security Camera Systems

Quality security cameras are the core of an effective surveillance system. Offering significant benefits and functionalities over traditional analog cameras, IP network cameras offer the most focused and comprehensive video coverage exactly where you need it. IP network cameras present almost limitless capabilities when accessing both live or recorded video feeds, enabling to remotely monitor activity on any premises 24/7 via any connected work station, from PCs to smartphones and tablets anywhere in the world.

Burglar and Intrusion Detection Alarm Systems

From stand-alone door and window contacts, glass break detectors, motion detection sensors and burglar alarm solutions for small retail shops to advanced burglar alarm systems for large businesses, our burglar alarm systems easily integrate with access control and video surveillance systems, allowing you to receive alerts when a door is opened, or a camera is passed by.

Moreover, our advanced IP based burglar alarm systems will allow you to know what’s happening at your business at any time, from anywhere, via your smartphone, PC or tablet.

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