Lockdown Security Systems For Schools and Educational Facilities

Secure your educational institution and keep your students and faculty safe during an emergency with lockdown security systems for schools and campuses installed by vertex Security.

Securing an educational institution and minimizing the time it takes to contact law enforcement are critical during emergency situations. An efficient school lockdown system allows staff to quickly restrict access or exit throughout entire buildings or certain areas, ensuring the safety of students and staff.

Today, each school needs to ensure it has clear-cut procedures to lockdown in times of emergency. Our lockdown capabilities can handle a wide range of scenarios, to immediately initiate a customized series of planned, coordinated and executed actions to notify and send help.

Emergency Lockdown Security Systems: Key Features

  • Automatic lockdown by push button or mobile activation
  • Doors are secured and card and electronic access becomes disabled
  • Notify law enforcement directly and immediately with critical information
  • Email and text alerts to key personnel
  • Campus-wide visual and audio alert
  • Administrative monitoring and control

Lockdown Security Integration

Lockdown security systems can easily be integrated with existing access control, surveillance camera and PA systems. This architecture can be initiated from a variety of devices including a hardwired panic button, smartphone, computer, iPad or tablet, an IP phone hotkey and other devices while using any existing network infrastructure and wiring.

Lockdown System Design & Installation in New York City

Providing complete end-to-end security solutions across a wide range of industries and holding over 15 years of experience, Vertex Security is a trusted name throughout New York City for school and campus lockdown security systems.

Our company can provide unparalleled support at every phase of your project: from design, consultation and specifications to retrofit, replacement, installation and maintenance for today’s industry-leading lockdown security solutions.

Contact our experts for more information about our lockdown solutions for your school or educational facility.

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