Improve communication convenience and bolster security in your residence, workplace, or commercial establishment with cutting-edge intercom solutions. Serving as proficient installers of intercom systems in Bruckner, Vertex Security provides efficient and user-friendly intercom systems that incorporate features such as cameras, video functionality, remote control, and mobile applications. Our comprehensive services encompass the entire process, including design, installation, repair, and maintenance of both wired and wireless intercom systems.


Vertex Security stands as a prominent security firm and intercom installation service located in Bruckner. Our expertise lies in the installation, enhancement, substitution, repair, and upkeep of audio/video intercom systems sourced from globally recognized brands such as Comelit, Aiphone, Siedle, and others.

Whether it’s residential intercom setups for apartment complexes or commercial intercom systems tailored for offices, businesses, schools, hospitals, and more, our state-of-the-art intercom solutions provide an effective means to heighten security and streamline visitor identification at your facility. Whether you’re considering a system upgrade, replacing an existing setup, or installing an entirely new system, we’ve got you covered.


At Vertex Security, we are dedicated to delivering an extensive selection of intercom solutions for our clientele. Our range of intercom systems comes in various choices, catering to your particular requirements for security and communication.

  • Audio/Video Intercom Systems: Ideal for estates needing heightened security or facing heavy foot traffic. These setups facilitate both auditory and visual exchanges between visitors and occupants or staff.
  • Wireless (IP Based) or Wired Intercom Systems: Deliver dependable and secure communication channels, along with access control solutions tailored for business structures and residential compounds.
  • Telephone Entry Systems: Enable visitors to initiate calls from external locations, allowing residents or staff to authorize entry remotely through a telephone call.
  • Doorbell Buzzer Systems: Present a straightforward and economical answer for petite residential premises, like single-family dwellings, apartments, and modest office structures.
  • Room to Room Intercom: Suited for expansive residential estates and commercial structures requiring internal dialogue between distinct sectors or spaces.
  • Office Intercom: Offer a resourceful and budget-friendly means of internal communication within your professional environment.
  • Broadcast Intercom: Facilitate targeted announcements within specific zones of an edifice or broadcast messages to the entire structure simultaneously. This proves beneficial for educational institutions, airports, and other public edifices.

Feel free to get in touch with our intercommunication specialists to acquire additional details regarding our comprehensive services encompassing the entire process, including installation, enhancement, and maintenance. This pertains specifically to intercom systems in offices, businesses, and apartment complexes.

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Contrasted with audio-only intercommunication devices, video intercom systems present a distinct advantage, allowing users to visually identify visitors and engage in communication through the intercom unit or a smartphone application.

Vertex Security’s customizable video intercom systems are equipped with cutting-edge features, including color imagery, video memory, and pan, tilt, and zoom functionalities. Furthermore, modern systems often integrate with applications designed for both iOS and Android mobile devices.


The decision between wired and wireless intercom systems rests with you. While both offer identical functionality, the disparity lies in the method of installation and connectivity. Vertex Security specializes in the design and installation of both types, providing a diverse array of choices for both wired and wireless intercom systems.


Vertex Security stands as a reputable and reliable company delivering comprehensive solutions and services for intercom systems in the Greater New York area. Our services cover the entire spectrum, including on-site assessments, customized design, high-quality installation, maintenance, and repair, ensuring that your intercom system aligns with your specific needs.

Our end-to-end services include:

  • On-Site Assessment

Recognizing the distinctiveness of every property with its unique needs, challenges, and scalability aspirations, our proficient team conducts a thorough on-site assessment. This enables us to comprehend your current situation and suggest the most appropriate and cost-effective intercom system for your residential building, office, or commercial establishment.

  • Intercom Systems Custom Design

Our skilled engineering team formulates a system architectural concept based on your needs and preferences. Through an accurate estimation, we design an intercom system that maximizes efficiency for your facility. Our customized design solutions address your unique security requirements, ensuring you receive optimal protection.

  • Quality Intercom System Installation

Recognizing the significance of a smooth and effective installation process, we value the expertise of our capable installation team. They are committed to delivering a high-quality and inconspicuous installation, ensuring it is completed within the designated timeframe and budget. Employing cutting-edge equipment and methodologies, we guarantee the correct installation of your intercom system, offering you peace of mind.

  • Intercom System Maintenance and Repair

To guarantee the continued proper functioning of your intercom system over the years, we provide expert maintenance, repair, and on-call support services. Our proficient technicians conduct regular maintenance and repairs, ensuring that your system consistently operates at its optimum capacity. Additionally, our on-call support services are available to promptly address any issues that may arise.

Security Assessment

A Security Assessment serves as an excellent means to assess your existing security operations, marking the initial step towards planning security measures at your facility.

Reach out to us today for more details about our offerings for integrated intercom systems in offices, businesses, and apartment buildings in the Bruckner area, covering Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. Our team is prepared to offer you the most suitable intercom system solutions and services tailored to your specific needs.

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Why do I need an intercom system for my residential or commercial building in Bruckner?

The installation of an intercom system plays a crucial role in fortifying your property’s security infrastructure. Through this system, you gain the ability to control access to your premises, allowing you to scrutinize visitors before granting entry. Particularly advantageous for buildings with numerous occupants, the intercom system facilitates communication between residents and visitors without the necessity of physically approaching the door. Furthermore, these systems offer both audio and video communication, empowering tenants to confirm the identity of visitors before permitting access, thereby enhancing security.

How do I choose the right intercom system for my building in Bruckner?

Choosing the suitable intercom system for your property is contingent upon its specific needs and requirements. Vertex Security provides a comprehensive array of intercom systems, ranging from audio and video intercoms to telephone intercoms and wireless intercoms, all customizable to meet your distinct needs. Our team of experts conducts an on-site evaluation to discern your property’s needs, challenges, and scalability objectives, recommending the most fitting and cost-effective intercom system. We also offer personalized design solutions tailored to your unique security requirements, ensuring optimal protection.

How long does it take to install an intercom system in Bruckner?

The duration for installing an intercom system varies based on the system’s complexity and the property’s size. Vertex Security delivers efficient and punctual installation services, ensuring accurate, timely, and budget-friendly implementation. Our installers prioritize a seamless and unobtrusive installation process, aiming to minimize disruptions to your daily activities or business operations.

How do I maintain and repair my intercom system in Bruckner?

Sustaining and repairing your intercom system is pivotal for ensuring its enduring functionality. Vertex Security extends expert maintenance, repair, and on-call support services, guaranteeing optimal performance. Our technicians administer routine maintenance and repairs, safeguarding the continuous proper operation of your intercom system. Additionally, our 24/7 on-call support is readily available to promptly address any arising issues, providing you peace of mind and the utmost protection.

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