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Safeguard your office and improve communications with top of the line office intercom systems from the world’s most trusted brands, including Comelit, Aiphone, Siedle and others.

With an endless flow of people accessing New York’s buildings and offices, confirming the identity of employees, visitors and vendors before granting access has never been more crucial.

Enhanced Security. Better Communication.

Installing an audio, video, doorbell or telephone office intercom system will provide you with the ability to safeguard employees, visitors and assets, screen visitors and vendors and allow you to keep out unwanted guests, making an intercom system a vital security measure for offices of any size.

Incorporating advanced audio, camera and video technologies, remote control door release capabilities and a dedicated mobile App for both iOS and Android devices, our wide range of single office to multi-unit intercom systems also enable efficient and convenient communication, both internally between remote areas and rooms and externally with entry doors and points of access.

Contact us to learn more about an office intercom system customized to meet your business’ security and communication needs.

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Depending on the presence of existing wiring, building conditions and physical limitations, our experienced assessment team will analyze the structure of your office and determine the best intercom solution for you. Requiring only a phone wire and dialup connection, our cost-efficient wireless intercom systems can be installed in order to avoid complications, while also providing unlimited flexibility and maneuverability for your business.


Our office intercom systems easily integrate with additional security systems such as security cameras systems, alarm systems, parking control and keyless entry locks and access control systems, enabling you to further enhance security measures by keeping records of people who enter the property, including dates and times.


Through our experience of working with thousands of small to large and multi-floor office buildings, Vertex Security has become a trusted leader in quality intercom design, installation and integration throughout all New York City boroughs (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island).

Contact us to learn more about a state-of-the-art office intercom system most suitable to meet your businesses’ security requirements and budget.

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