Jan 19, 2019

Alarm Systems for Business and Commercial Spaces

Alarm systems are very common in major cities such as Chicago or New York City. They are used in all types of spaces, but most prominently, alarm systems are utilized in commercial spaces such as warehouses, businesses, office buildings, and other such spaces. Alarm systems come with many benefits for business owners including heightened security in a space, lower premiums for insurance, and more.

When using an alarm system, a business manager is able to become immediately aware when particular spaces within the building or warehouse have been breached. This commonly includes windows and doors being opened and particular areas within the building being accessed. Most such systems have the capability to simultaneously alert a business manager and authorities/private security when such a breach has occurred. This dramatically decreases the response time to a security emergency and increases the opportunity for any lost inventory to be recovered.

Such alarm systems are installed to perform a variety of functions, including securing equipment, valuables, and inventory. These systems have added functionality in that they are able to detect vandalism, fire, and other issues that could cause damage to the space and inventory of the business. This is particularly important for spaces that are left unattended for any period of time throughout the day, week, or year. It is very possible to protect inventory without being physically present in the space, and all New York City business owners should take advantage of such opportunities.

Commercial Alarm Systems in New York City

Commercial alarm systems afford business managers the opportunity to integrate a variety of security systems into one mechanism. For example, a panic button may be installed on an alarm system that automatically informs the NYPD of any break-ins, vandalism, or burglaries. Further, a mechanism exists that alerts the fire department should any smoke be detected within the space. For warehouses where precious and valuable inventory is left alone while the business manager is away or at home, this can be a lifesaver. Were a fire detector not to be automatically set up to alert the fire department independently, the fire department would not likely be alerted to an issue until the fire was out of control enough for a neighbor or passerby to see the fire and report it. By then, the level of inventory already lost may make getting anything back out of the question.

Securing one’s property is always important, particularly in business. In a large area with so many moving parts, though, it’s especially important that New York City business owners take the proper care to protect their business, inventory, and property. Commercial security is one of the most important forms of security in major cities today, because the space holds so much value and is often left unattended. A security system is well worth the installation charges associated with it – it could literally make or break a business.


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