Jan 19, 2019

Guard Your Business with a Video Surveillance System

Do you worry about criminal activity affecting your New York City business when you can’t be there? All business owners compulsively think about the security of their company 24/7 which frequently makes it impossible to enjoy a holiday or vacation away from the office.

However, by contacting a professional New York City security systems contractor and discovering how affordable and easy it is to have a video surveillance system installed, you can soon be looking forward to those vacations while no longer feeling compelled to worry about security issues occurring in your absence.

Surveillance cameras offer a dynamic and impressive deterrent to criminal activity of any kind. Because technology now allows business owners to remotely view internal and external areas of buildings and their surrounding landscapes via smartphone or computer, the possibility of a criminal damaging and robbing your business is greatly reduced. In fact, upon realizing that a business is effectively outfitted with a video security system, thieves will be forced to find another business to damage–one without the constant protection of a video surveillance system.

Additionally, owners of any kind of NYC business can integrate a video surveillance system with a security service manned by trained individuals who watch live-feed images transmitted by videos installed around your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With this sort of comprehensive security protecting your business during evening and off-hours, the potential for criminal damage being inflicted on your business is greatly reduced.

Benefits of a Video Surveillance System

  • Businesses remain profitable – installation of covert video cameras by professional security technicians assists a business owner in maintaining a steady flow of profits by lowering insurance and liability costs as well as decreasing the potential for unexpected expenses needed to repair criminal damage.
  • Immediate accessibility to internal and external areas of the business – with surveillance cameras installed at various strategic points, owners are capable of simultaneously viewing specific zones of their business at any time they wish.
  • Increases productivity – when employees know that a company is being surveyed, they are less likely to engage in counterproductive behavior such as violence, theft, harassment or unsatisfactory customer service.
  • Provides 24 hour reliable and accurate surveillance – use of high-tech digital cameras and internet software means business owners do not have to worry about equipment that is easily broken or needs constant maintenance.
  • Versatility – DVRs, or digital video recorders, are capable of recording large amounts of information that can be downloaded to a CD or duplicated if necessary.
  • Prevents false claims – security cameras provide indisputable proof of whether an event actually occurred that gives rise to employees or other individuals dishonestly claiming they are injured on your property.
  • Weather resistant – external video surveillance equipment is constructed from sturdy materials resistant to wind, rain, snow and ice. Signals transmitted during extreme weather remains as crystal-clear as they are during quiet weather.

As a smart, proactive defense against criminal activity, employee behavior that is detrimental to your business or other actions representing a potential reduction in profits, digital video recorder surveillance systems are vital in protecting any business established in New York City.

Upon installation of such a valuable deterrent to illegal actions that could possibly devastate an existing business, owners wonder how they managed to operate their livelihood without it. Additionally, the sense of security it provides allows business owners to concentrate on improving their business rather than incessantly worrying about the stability and continued growth of their business.


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