Jan 19, 2019

Installing a Security Camera system

Closed circuit television and security camera systems represent identical concepts—the ability to monitor your home or business while you are away. Cameras can be installed around the exterior as well as the interior of any building to provide 24 hour monitoring of all activities occurring in all areas of a home or business. CCTVs effectively prevent completion of criminal activity or other illegal calamities that could injure your family or damage your business.

Installation of a security camera system is quick and easy once you decide where you want cameras to be mounted. In addition, motion detectors are available which send you alerts through email or pagers to let you know immediately when an unwanted intrusion is happening at your home or business. In addition, these cameras can be remotely controlled and maneuvered by the owner or security professionals who are able to pan cameras right, left, up and down in order to monitor all interior or exterior areas. It is virtually impossible for a criminal to successfully accomplish a robbery or other illegal activity when security cameras are in place.


Cameras for these systems are produced in many different sizes to accommodate any area that needs monitoring. They can be small enough to fit into any size corner, or comprehensive enough to capture activity taking place in a large back yard. Transmission of a video from the camera to a computer monitor is accomplished using a particular frequency correlating to a receiver that is connected to the monitor. The majority of security cameras utilize analog cameras containing a digital signal processing chip, lens, and protective exterior. Once the digital video recorder receives pictures from the camera, it places the video on a hard drive for storage and later viewing. However, security cameras can be used in real time as well, giving the user the ability to watch a home or business from a computer monitor or smart phone any time they wish.

Advantages of a Security Camera System

For residential buildings:

  • Continuous monitoring of family members who are home alone.
  • Crime preventions (visible security cameras are effective deterrents for thieves).
  • Provides ability to watch the home while away on vacation—any damage can be quickly repaired by calling a contractor.
  • Establishing proof of neighbor problems—dogs running loose, next-door drug activity, suspicious behavior.

For businesses:

  • Employee protection—for businesses that are open and operating 24 hours a day.
  • Customer/employee interaction surveillance—disputes can quickly be settled.
  • Crime prevention—excellent means of discouraging would-be robbers or vandals.
  • Deterrence of employee theft—monitoring possible criminal activity by employees and having proof in order to prosecute. Inconspicuously placed cameras within a business prevents employees from knowing they are being watched.
  • With clear, captured images, CCTVs provide pictures of criminals that can effectively lead to arrest and convictions.

Furthermore, family members and customers will feel safer knowing they are being monitored by a security camera system and so will you.


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