Jan 19, 2019

Using Security Cameras as Effective Preventive Measures

Security surveillance cameras are a necessity if you own a small business in the heavily populated New York City metropolitan area. The existence of millions of people in a restricted space increases the probability that a robbery will occur to unprotected homes, businesses and other places where thieves suspect money and valuables are located.

Small businesses owners cannot remain viable without the assistance of surveillance security cameras. In today’s unstable economy, small or mid-size business owners suffer tremendous losses when a burglary occurs simply because the dependable customer base needed to recoup the financial damage does not exist.

Having a business’s security reinforced by surveillance cameras not only gives owners the ability to monitor the company when it is closed, it can also expose internal theft by employees, track merchandise movement and provide evidence of poor (or excellent) employee performance.

Advantages to Protecting your Business with Surveillance Cameras

Installing visible external and internal security cameras in and around your business is the most effective preventative measure you can take to deter potential burglars from breaking into your business. Other than posting an armed member of the NYPD outside the front and back entrances, purchasing a surveillance camera system provides small business owners with the ability to send a strong message to would-be thieves–your actions are being recorded on camera!

Other benefits include:

  • Catching shoplifters in the act of taking items by being able to watch every area in the store at all times on video screens
  • Ensuring the safety of customers and employees
  • Preventing theft as well as other illegal activities such as kidnappings or muggings
  • Clear images are recorded to promote the capture and prosecution of all criminals
  • Reduced insurance rates for businesses that install surveillance cameras
  • Remote or hidden areas existing inside and outside the business can be viewed at all times
  • Ability to monitor your business while at home or on the road via computer and internet connection

Small businesses must always remain one step ahead of criminals looking for easy marks such companies that do not have any type of visible security system. With surveillance cameras installed in and around your New York City business, burglars will think otherwise before stealing your assets.


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