IoT Cyber Security: Protecting Your IP Camera Network

Despite the fact that IP cameras can be a potential security breach and threat to your sensitive data, most  businesses and facilities are not yet equipped with appropriate cyber security measures. Starting today, that’s about to change!

Prevent IP Camera Hacking

Rapid growth creates new opportunities to business and society, but also raises serious security challenges and concerns. Over the past decade, millions of susceptible IoT products were compromised due to their inadequate protection from cyber-attacks, leading to substantial physical, reputational and economic damage.

Before your organization endures irreversible damages, we present the industry’s patented hardware-based cyber security solution.

Cyber security and IP cameras Systems: The Threat is Real!

Examples of recently known exploits amongst leading security system manufacturers:

  • Vulnerability allowing to witness live images without authentication
  • Critical IP camera vulnerability allowing to either take over the device or crash the camera
  • Backdoors allowing unauthorized access to admin interface
  • Specially crafted URLs allowing attackers to gain admin-level privileges on affected camera
  • Backdoors allowing attackers to read user/password list
  • Many more…

The Solution: Terafence

Need to attain uninterrupted isolation of every connected IoT device while maintaining full data flow and control? Now you can with patented cyber security solutions by Terafence.

Terafence’s VSecure technology offers a novel, future-proof and impenetrable way to protect IP cameras, IoT devices, smart buildings, critical assets and cyber-physical systems from all types of cyber threats with no security-risk tradeoff and without interrupting the data flow or disrupting the control.

How Does It Work?

Terafence’s unique technology acts as a physical barrier that isolates IP-enabled devices from their control center while maintaining one-way data flow and control intact. A physical device is placed between network segments of different classification and allows data to flow according to the application requirements. Once a direction is set, the return path simply does not exist.

Vertex Security: Terafence Authorized Dealer

Holding over 15 years of experience in complete security solutions, Vertex Security is an authorized Terafence dealer and installer of Terafence’s hardware-based cyber security solutions.

As one of the leading security companies in New York, we protect and service over 20,000 customers of all sizes, including residential properties, property management and construction companies, office buildings, hotels, schools, retail stores and small businesses, in addition to governmental, hospitality, healthcare, educational and religious institutions.

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