Types of Security Cameras

CCTV systems use many different security camera types depending on the security needs. Common camera classifications among which customers can choose include:

Analog or Digital Security Cameras

Analog cameras, a traditional type, record to tape. Digital cameras record to digital video recorders (DVR), a format that offers more flexible storage options.

Fixed or Point Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) Security Cameras

Fixed cameras remain in one position. PTZ cameras can be moved left to right, up and down and zoomed in and out via a computer, DVR or PTZ joystick. These cameras often are used in casinos, shopping malls and other public places where it is imperative to access clear identification of moving people and objects.

Indoor or Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor cameras are built tough to withstand the elements, while indoor cameras can be more delicate.

IP Cameras

IP cameras are the cutting edge in surveillance camera security systems. IP cameras combine the security of a surveillance camera system with the convenience of IP-based cloud technology. Rather than being connected to a closed-circuit system, which keeps all data internalized within one wired system, IP cameras send and receive data via an Internet connection. The data transmitted by an IP camera is housed in one Internet-based central server, which may be accessed from anywhere. This is a major advantage to building and business owners who need to be able to survey an area remotely.

IP cameras are appropriate for any area that is in need of video surveillance, and are used in both residential and business properties. The resolution on IP cameras is higher than that on a more common closed-circuit camera system, which brings the advantage of getting a closer look at any suspicious activity that may be occurring at a location.

Infrared Security Cameras

Most cameras today are digital color with infrared LEDs, which films in color by day and in black and white IR by night. infrared cameras provide the best picture in low-light viewing situations.

Vandal Resistant Security Cameras

Depending on the location of the camera, it may be necessary to make it resistant to vandals with a tough exterior. Consider this option for cameras in a vulnerable location.

Day and Night Security Cameras (Low Light Cameras)

Infared cameras usually film in color during the day and then switch to black and white when it becomes dark. A photoelectric sensor detects the darkness and turns on the LEDs and flips the camera to black and white.

Dome, Bullet, Box, Corner and Pinhole Security Cameras

Camera shapes, sizes and materials vary according to which of the above classifications are selected. For example, dome cameras are used in well-lit locations with low ceilings, whereas bullet cameras are used in low light conditions such as nightlife operations. Corner cameras are used in tight spaces such as elevators. Some larger cameras like standard box cameras may serve as a visual deterrent, while others, like pinhole cameras, are small in order to avoid detection.

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