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Keeping your server room neat and organized is critical to efficient network troubleshooting, IT management and equipment servicing. If your network cabling has turned into a rat’s nest of cables, now is the time to get your server room back in order with Vertex Security’s network cabling cleanup services.

Cabling never starts out as one big tangled mess. But over time, connecting new cables with the intent of getting things done fast often results in turning a blind eye to the current cable management system and threading new cables from port to port with an “I’ll organize it later” attitude.

However, your company’s private “closet of horrors” represents more than just an aesthetic disaster. It can also:

  • Become a safety hazard to your IT staff
  • Obstruct access to the ports on rack-mounted equipment
  • Increase the probability of accidental disconnects or transmission failure
  • Increase the time required to perform even the simplest of maintenance, additions and modifications
  • Prevent quickly finding and fixing problems in the event of an emergency

Professional Cabling Cleanup Services in New York

Vertex Security holds over 15 years of experience in professional network cabling, racking and cabling cleanup services including server room cleanup, network closet cleanup and network cabling cleanup for office spaces and businesses of all sizes across all five boroughs (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island).

As a leading New York City low voltage and security company, our expert cabling technicians are skilled at untangling and organizing even the ugliest IT environments and restoring them to the clean, neat and workable solutions they once were. Amongst our services:

  • Network configuration survey
  • Deploy suitable cable management system
  • Define wiring by color coding
  • Label and tag new wiring
  • Install new fiber and copper cables
  • Certify and document of your IT infrastructure

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