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Video surveillance is a critical component in a company’s overall security plan. The newest technological advancement in the video surveillance market is video management system (also known as video management software). VMS records, stores and manages videos from your video surveillance system, enabling you to retrieve and analyse videos quickly and efficiently.

A video management system collects footage from all security cameras and stores them safely on an external device. The software provides a full interface to access and view live and recorded videos, enhancing your businesses security by improving the effectiveness of your video surveillance system.

Advanced features also include face recognition, counting people, LPR (license plate reader) and more.

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Video management systems offer:

  • Video analytics and search – Video analytics and searching allow you to easily find the footage that you need, whether for a routine check or in the event of an incident. Can find and identify suspects, and use motion sensors to trigger recording.
  • Two-way integration – Video management systems offer complete integration with 3rd part security systems such as CCTV, access control, electronic door locks, intercoms, alarm systems, license plate recognition, point-of-sale and more.
  • Powerful Interface – Monitor multiple locations and security applications at once, record and store, and manage footage in one powerful interface for better security.
  • Scalable Solution – Video management systems provide a scalable solution which can be applied to any size business, from a single location to multiple sites operating with centralized security.
  • Innovative features – A wide range of smart and effective management tools. For example: Suspect Tracking. This feature allows users to follow a person or object from one point to other point, including switching between security cameras and documentation of all activities.


Video management software is a powerful, reliable and scalable solution for video surveillance and business management. Vertex Security invite you to take advantage of this advanced yet cost-effective intelligent security system for your NYC business.

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