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Achieve effective 24/7 surveillance coverage by easily managing, viewing and storing your recorded video files with surveillance digital/network video recorders.

Using video cameras is one of the most effective prevention measures you can take to protect yourself from claims, fraud and theft. But even the best security cameras won’t provide a complete security solution without a compatible recording system. Therefore, if you are considering a surveillance system for your business or building – pairing the proper surveillance video recorder is a must.

As a leading certified New York City security company, Vertex Security has over 15 years of experience in designing, installing and servicing the best-in-class security camera systems accompanied by the most up to date surveillance digital/network video recorders across a wide range of residential, commercial, industrial and governmental applications.

Complete Range of Video Recorders


DVRs are used to convert analog CCTV surveillance video to digital format. Conveniently store digital video recordings on a computer hard drive. Search for any footage by time, date, camera or location, eliminating the need to manually search through hours of tape.


Dependable, cost-effective and holding superior performance advantages, IP surveillance systems allow you to record and store large amounts of video footage over a network. NVRs use the local IP network to send and receive data making them ideal for remotely monitoring video surveillance systems from any computer, smart phone or tablet.


If you’re considering upgrading an older surveillance system and don’t want to do away yet with your old and still capable analog cameras, a Hybrid DVR is your ideal solution. Quickly growing in popularity due to their versatility and cost-effectiveness, HVRs are compatible with both standard analog cameras and IP network cameras, allowing you to continue using your currently installed analog security system while gradually shifting to the latest network IP technology. READ MORE

Tribrid DVR is the latest in Hybrid DVR technology that allows 3 different CCTV video signal types to be recorded on one unit: Analog, HD and IP cameras.

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Surveillance recorders are the backbone of a high-quality camera surveillance system. Contact our security experts today to learn more about a comprehensive surveillance video recorder solution tailored to meet both your present security needs and future scalability requirements.

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