Hybrid Video Recorder

Quickly growing in popularity due to their versatility and cost-effectiveness, Hybrid Video Recorders (HVR) are compatible with both standard analog cameras and IP network cameras, allowing you to continue using your currently installed analog security system while gradually shifting to the latest network IP technology.

Let’s begin with the obvious: if you still use analog CCTV video cameras, you’re recording all security camera footage directly to your DVR’s internal hard drive. Less obvious is the fact that using an analog CCTV based system has its limitations, such as off-site video storage and network capabilities in addition to remote access features available only with today’s more advanced IP network systems.

Nonetheless, if and when you decide to upgrade to a more sophisticated surveillance technology, you’ll find that it can be expensive to simply swap out your entire analog system in order to migrate to IP.

The solution is Hybrid NVR/DVR!

A hybrid DVR is a DVR device that supports both analog and IP cameras. Therefore, hybrid solutions are ideal for companies that aren’t want to make the full switch to IP just yet, while offering the benefits of a more effective system that will ease the transition when the time is right.

Hybrid Video Recorder Main Advantages

A hybrid system integrates existing analog cameras into an IP network, providing you with all the advantages of an IP system excluding the HD resolution of IP cameras. In a hybrid CCTV system, footage is recorded in analog quality however the IP network features of indexing, bookmarking, and retrieval are made available through the Hybrid DVR.

More Reasons to Upgrade to A Hybrid DVR:

If you’re considering upgrading an older CCTV system and don’t want to do away yet with your old and still capable analog cameras, Vertex Security invites you to experience the efficiency of a state-of-the-art HVR recorder, allowing you to continue recording video and data from your analog cameras while preparing for a future shift or expansion to an full IP video surveillance system.

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